Everything you need to know about ReThink Ability and our leading-edge disability awareness training.   

About the Training

Is there a certificate for completion of each module?

Yes, once a learner completes a short quiz at the end of the module, with a score of 70% or higher, they will receive a certificate of completion.

Is the training applicable anywhere in Canada?

Yes, the information, tools, and examples are applicable anywhere in Canada (and beyond).
Although ReThink Ability was developed in New Brunswick, the content is relevant for anyone who wants to gain knowledge and skills related to disability.

How is ReThink Ability different than training that accompanies provincial and national accessibility legislation?

Government regulations are essential to the identification, removal, and prevention of barriers. While training related to legislation supports accessibility standards and compliance, ReThink Ability focuses on the impact of disability on a person’s life and the importance of equal opportunity. It provides practical information on improving interactions, communication, and attitudes so everyone can live the life they choose.

Taking the Training
How long does each module take to complete?

Modules can be completed in 60 – 90 minutes. The approximate time for each module can be found with the module description in the online catalogue. Exploring the information and tools in the Resources section of the module will take additional time and is up to the discretion of the learner.

Is ReThink Ability meant for Human Resource leaders to better support workplace diversity or for people delivering programs and services on the front-line?

ReThink Ability training is meant for anyone who interacts with people who have a disability as part of their job.  People in HR, management, customer service, or working as a service provider will find training that increases understanding of disability. The modules provide information and resources to assist organizations in hiring, retaining, and supporting individuals with a disability and for improving the experience for customers access goods and services.


Can users take their training on a mobile device?

Yes. ReThink Ability can be used on a phone or tablet’s web browser, or through the mobile app available on Google Play for Android or in the App Store for iOS devices.

How long do learners have to complete a module?

If you’re an individual purchasing your training online directly at rethinkability.ca, you will have access to your selected modules for 3 months.

Training packages purchased by organizations include access to selected training modules for 6 months. 

Unlimited subscriptions include access to all the modules for one year.

Do we need a Learning Management System (LMS) or is it provided?

ReThink Ability training is hosted on its own LMS; however,  organizations have the option to license ReThink Ability training on their own LMS if preferred. 

Can we access admin support if we need assistance with the LMS?

Yes, ReThink Ability will work with your organization to register your employees and add modules to their training libraries. Your training administrator will receive instructions to share with employees and a contact for troubleshooting any issues that may arise. Once set up is complete, your training administrator can contact ReThink Ability at any time for support or training-related questions.

As a manager, can I have access to my team’s progress and get reports for leadership?

Yes, organizations purchasing a group package or subscription will receive support from ReThink Ability to configure reports and designate roles for monitoring team progress. ReThink Ability will provide training for your organization’s administrator and employees in a supervisory role. 

Subscription Details

If our organization purchases an unlimited training subscription, will our learners have access to new modules?

Yes, for organizations purchasing an unlimited training subscription, you will be notified of new modules as they become available. Your learners will have access to any modules added during your one-year subscription period at no extra cost.

Can resources and tools be downloaded to use after training is completed?

Yes, and we hope you do! ReThink Ability’s mission is to change understanding of disability to bring about real change. While our training is not available for download and/or reproduction, our tools and resources are shared so learners can incorporate them into day-to-day work or personal life.

Can we add additional learners after the subscription or group plan is already underway?

Yes, you can add additional learners to your training package or subscription at any time. Depending on the type of your organization’s training agreement, a per person fee may apply.

Is there a discounted rate for non-profit organizations, community groups, etc.?

Yes, we offer a substantial discount for non-profit and charitable organizations. 

ReThink Ability is owned by a cooperative of non-profit agencies and is committed to supporting other mission-driven organizations in achieving the best outcomes for the people and communities they serve.